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Natural Stone Basic Cleaner – AKEMI Centralconnect

cleaning of kitchen working tables, counter tops and other small surfaces made of natural and artificial stones, e.g. marble, travertine, slate, granite, bricks and cotto slabs, tiles, fair-faced concrete and similar materials. It removes residues of food, slight traces of oil and grease as well as slight layers of stone care products and wax.


Natural Stone Basic Cleaner – AKEMI Centralconnect

Charakteristik: AKEMI® Natural Stone Basic Cleaner ist ein säurefreies, anwendungsfertiges Reinigungsmittel aus nichtionischen Tensiden, Hilfsmitteln, Duftstoffen und Lösemitteln.

AKEMI Natural Stone Basic Cleaner 500 ml – Eurosynergy

Descriere. Gata de folosire, agent de curăţare slab alcalin. Fără fosfaţi, biodegradabil, foodsafe (certificat de un institut de testare German extern)

Care of Natural Stone – AKEMI

For basic cleaning of table tops, kitchen work surfaces and window sills made of stone AKEMI ® Stone Cleaner should be used. Regular cleaning and care AKEMI ® Triple Effect is used for daily care.

Cleaning – AKEMI

AKEMI offers premium products for the efficient cleaning of natural und cast stone. You will find precise information how to remove specific stains in our stain guide

Natural Stone Intensive Cleaner – Akemi – PIERRE et SOL

Akemi Natural Stone Intensive Cleaner Nettoie à fond les plans de travail, élimine les restes alimentaires, les taches légères d’huile et de graisse, les couches fines de produit d’entretien et de cire sur les pierres naturelles et artificielles comme le marbre, le travertin, le Terrazzo, le granit, les carreaux de terre cuite, le carrelage, le béton brut, la faïence.

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